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Undergraduate Programme

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The Codrington College is one of the oldest Theological Colleges in the region and one of the most tranquil and scenic places in Barbados.

It is more than just a place to get an education—it’s a place where one can find their true selves and embrace the other.  

It is a perfect place to study your undergraduate programme which can provide a gateway to pastoral service.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to seeing you soon.

The deadline to apply for admissions is June 30th.


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Applying Online: Kindly note that all admissions for undergraduate or postgraduate is to be completed at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. This is important.
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Great Programme Options

We continue to offer undergraduate and graduate programmes to the sacred priesthood and continually seek ways to serve the church and wider community through ongoing creative efforts in designing courses relevant to our time.

UWI Affiliation

Codrington Theological College is affiliated with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados and educates and forms men and women for a wide variety of professional ministries.

International Students Guide

Do you live outside of Barbados and would love to study at Codrington College? Students from around the world have become graduates of Codrington College. They can be found in various parts of the Anglican Communion: Europe, Africa, North America, Australia, as well as the West Indies.

Programme Overview


1. The Licentiate in Theology and/or the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Theology) will be awarded to students of Theological Colleges affiliated with The University of the West Indies who, having completed the appropriate course of study prescribed by these Regulations, have satisfied the examiners in the examination for the LTh and/or the BA (Theology).

2. The Theological Colleges concerned are responsible for the admission of students and shall submit to the University, at the appropriate time, a list of students and their qualifications for the purpose of matriculation.

Select the below to find out more about each programme:-





We have graduates from the Caribbean and the International region in a cross section of professionals: Office Administrators, Managers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sunday school Teachers, Sextons, Stay-at-home Mums, Teachers, Principals, Judges, Police Officers, Ordained Ministers and Other professions.  



The normal qualifications for admission to the degree programme of the BA (Theology) are those of the Faculty of Humanities and Education.


Three-Year Programme


Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum of five (5) CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency (Grade I-III) or GCE Subjects
  • Compulsory – English Language
  • Passes in two 2-unit CAPE/GCE A-Level subjects


    An Associate Degree from the Barbados Community College (BCC), College of the Bahamas (COB), or St. John’s College, Belize with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above.


    A Diploma pursued over three (3) years from an approved Teacher’s Training College or a Diploma pursued over two (2) years, together with a one year internship, provided that the holder has at least four (4) CSEC General Proficiency (Grade I-III) or GCE O-Level passes including English Language.

    Other approved Diplomas and Certificates



Four-Year Programme


Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum of five (5) CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency (Grade I-III) or GCE Subjects including English Language


  • Either one of the following: a foreign language, Elementary Mathematics, Geography, or an approved science subject .



The following students may also be admitted to the degree programme of the BA (Theology):

  1. Students who qualify for admission on the basis of Regulation 7 of the Regulations Governing Matriculation, who successfully complete two preliminary semesters of study (as set out in Regulation 3 below), and who receive the recommendation of the Academic Board of their respective Theological Colleges;
  2. Students who are holders of the Licentiate in Theology of The UWI upon the recommendation of the Academic board of the Affiliated Theological College;
  3. Students who qualify for admission at lower level to the BA. (Theology) Programme must register as part-time students. Normally a part-time student will be required to spread the Level I University programme over four semesters;
    • Such students shall be required (in the first year of registration) to take 15 credits which should include 6 credits of Foundation Courses and 9 credits of Theology courses. (In the second year of registration they may take up to 18 credits of theological courses).      


Department Contact Info

Faculty of Humanities and Education

The University of the West Indies,
Cave Hill Barbados


Student Resources

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

Social Info


Student Handbook


Self Development and Spirituality

Why Choose Codrington College?

Codrington College is an Anglican Theological College in St. John, Barbados affiliated with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. It is the oldest Anglican Theological College in the Western Hemisphere.

Codrington College has a great wealth of theological history supported by a diverse group of Lecturers, Administrators and Assistants.  Persons interested in increasing their knowledge about Christianity and religion will benefit from the programmes and environment at Codrington which have been designed to inspire, challenge you and transform the way you view God, yourself and the world around you. It gives you a better understanding of who you are in the world and your walk with God.

Set on an old plantation, the atmosphere is one of peace and tranquility and the architecture of the buildings is exceptionally beautiful.  Long walks on the grounds to commune with nature and opportunities to overlook the Atlantic Ocean for contemplation are extremely sacred and highly rejuvenating. A place where everyone is supported and is treated like family, a true home away from home.

Self Development

  • Grow Your Faith, Evolve as a Person

Are you where you want to be? Do you want dedicated time to enhance your spirituality? Codrington College can provide that. You’ll be devoting a portion of your life to studying God’s Word, reflecting on his calling for you and furthering your Christianity. Your classes will include opportunities for self-reflection and a deepened commitment alongside your academic approach.

  • Delve into the Ancient Languages

English-language versions of the Bible can fail to completely capture intention of the Word. You can only truly understand God’s beautiful message of love and redemption by studying the languages in which it was originally written. Attending Codrington College provides you the opportunity to start your journey towards learning the original languages of the Bible. You’ll develop a basic understanding of Greek and Hebrew allowing you to grow and evolve as a teacher.

  • Construct and Shape your network 

By attending Codrington, you are placed in a fellowship of trained, supportive religious friends with a variety of unique gifts and talents. At some point in your religious journey, you may face a crisis or just a period where you are constantly searching for answers. You can turn to your fellow colleagues for academic, spiritual or moral support during these times. You may even find employment opportunities through these dynamic relationships. Many students have given praise and gratitude for having met their counterparts at College as they have led to rich and highly rewarding teachings, experiences and ventures.

  • Develop and Enhance Counselling Skills

An important part of ministering is providing psychological support to your congregation. Seminary training provides Biblical education on caring for the mental needs of your parishioners. You’ll learn to combine evidence-based approaches with the time-honored traditions of the church, leading to an integrated framework for helping others. An academically motivated but religiously inspired seminary curriculum will make you a more successful counselor.


We invite you to become one of our prestigious alumni who come from the Caribbean and International regions, and consists of a wide cross section of professionals; Office Administrators, Managers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sunday school Teachers, Sextons, Stay at home Mums, Teachers, Principals, Judges, Police Officers, Ordained Ministers and other UWI Students who pursued other programmes.

The Cost of the Programme

The cost of the programme is categorized  under the following headings:

Example of costs for year 1 (full-time student) for academic year

Programme fees (Tuition fees and Economic costs) – BD $36,000.00

University Registration Fees (Guild and Amenities Fees) – BDS $1,090.00

Codrington College fees (Student Services & Amenities and Registration Costs) – BD $ 300.00

We are happy to report that with effect from August 2018 (academic year 2018/2019( the Government of Barbados will pay both the Tuition and Economic Fees on behalf of Barbadian students.


What does this mean for a Barbadian?

If you are a Barbadian and this is your first degree, the programme fees (Tuition fees and Economic costs) of BDS $36,000.00 which is paid annually, will be paid by the Government of Barbados. Therefore, the student will not be required to pay this cost. Information below outlines the breakdown of cost to citizens of Barbados:


Fees paid by the Government of Barbados

Once accepted to the programme the Government of Barbados will pay the following fees on your behalf:

Tuition Fees      
Economic Costs    
Humanities and Education


Fees to be Paid by the Student: 

To the Cashier at the University of the West Indies

Per Semester
Per Year
Guild Fees   
ID card   
Guild Fees     
ID card     


To the Cashier at the Codrington College

Per Semester
Per Year
Student Services & Amenities     
Student Services & Amenities       

Registration fee for new students only – onetime fee

This amount includes $50.00 registration fee which is only paid in the first semester or first year.

All above fees are quoted in BDS$

If you do prefer to deliver your application by hand or by post, please download, complete and print a copy.
Please deliver your application documents to
Student Affairs, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael, Barbados.

Codrington College Barbados, Showing This Way Sign

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