The Re-development Of The Codrington Estate: Campus Master Plan

Duck at Codrington College Barbados

The Re-development Of The Codrington Estate: Campus Master Plan

The Codrington Estate and Codrington College are considered to be among the most significant and attractive locations in Barbados.  Both the Estate and the College have tremendous potential as a multi-faceted asset which is ripe for maximization and which could be used to the optimum benefit of both Barbados and the wider Caribbean Region in the short, medium and long term.    

Several alternate development options were considered for the redevelopment of both the Codrington Estate and Codrington College from the perspectives of Land Use and the Environment, Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries, Tourism Development and Community Engagement.

An innovative Re-Development Master Plan has been developed in partnership with a thrilling young design company, aimed at positioning Codrington to be a premier Visitor Experience for tourists and locals alike seeking a fresh, immersive package which incorporates heritage, spiritual, therapeutic, rehabilitative and renewal aspects.  Above all, the intent is to craft Codrington as a special space where the intersection of legacy, contemplation and re-discovery is like nothing to be found anywhere else.

  • Cutting-edge renewable energy hand-in-hand with centuries-old plantation grounds
  • The oldest Theological Seminary in the Western Hemisphere engaged in new frontiers of research.
  • A Garden of Eden that has endured into the 21st Century
  • From slaves to monks to students, connected through three hundred years sharing the same masterful views of the Atlantic Ocean. The story of Codrington continues.

The Codrington Trust, along with its host country Barbados, both can truly say,

“The Lord has been the people’s guide for past three hundred years”

We invite you to come, join with us and write your name on this page of history.


May the house of Codrington forever flourish!

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