Symposium on Spirituality

Symposium on Spirituality

Are you a seeker? Explore Spirituality as a lived experience.

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The Launch Of A Diploma In Spirituality And The Hosting Of A Symposium On Spirituality At Codrington College.

By The Rev’d Canon Noel A. Burke, Lecturer (Part-time) in Liturgical Studies and Christian Spirituality

The Principal and staff of Codrington College, St. John Barbados are about to launch another exciting and educational program as part of the College’s mandate to look after the souls of persons.
A special committee has been called together comprising The Rev’d Dr. Michael A. Clarke (Chairperson), Ms. Beverley Barton (Recording Secretary) The Rev’d Dr. Kirkley Sands, The Rev’d Dr. Von Watson, Rev’d Canon Noel Burke, Rev’d Beverley Sealy-Knight, The Rev’d Jerome Small, The Rev’d Dr. Winston Layne, and Mrs. Michelle Scantlebury, The Rev’d Dr. Sonia Hinds Miss Kurlene Alleyne Miss Ramona Brathwaite and Fr. Peter McIsaacs
Very soon there will be a new Diploma in Spirituality. This is considered to be vital since according to Professor Sandra Schneiders spirituality is enjoying quite a high profile and is receiving positive evaluation in the world today.
In her view spirituality is reaping economic success, since Publishers and bookstores report that it is a major focus of contemporary writing and reading.  
Schneiders herself an expert in the area of spirituality tells us that it has become a serious concern of business executives, athletes, and those in the  entertainment world.  
On examining any modern university website it would reveal that spirituality has also become a noted research discipline that is gradually taking its place in the academy as a legitimate field of study.  
The issue as expressed by Professor Philip Shedrake is that spirituality is one of those topics about which there is much talk; until someone is asked to define it.
That is where Codrington College as the premier theological College becomes very important for this Caribbean Region.  
The College will be offering this Diploma in order that persons may explore Spirituality as a lived experience.  

Participants in the program will examine the relationship that exists between theology, spirituality and mysticism and eventually help us to define the words and terms used in any discussion on spirituality.
Persons will critically analyse the legacy of the spiritual tradition in the Caribbean and how this legacy is expressed in the lives of a distinct people as evidenced in literature, songs (music) and art.  
The Diploma Program will seek to discover an appropriate and relevant way of communicating this experience in today’s generation.
The College targets all persons across the Caribbean including, but not limited to Clergy, Lay Persons, Guidance Counsellors, the ecumenical community, Universities, Community Colleges, other Tertiary level institutions and schools of higher learning.  Professional staff associations, and Individuals in the general public, will also find the program invaluable.
In casting wide the net, the College is hoping to have a good cross fertilization of ideas and experiences in order that persons can learn together, noting the similarities and the differences.
What is of primary importance is that it is not a strictly academic program for professional theologians; but for those persons who simply want to better understand and increase their knowledge as part of their commitment to lifelong learning.
What would be considered to be of utmost importance is that the knowledge shared is transformational. That simply means that each participant will learn to see knowledge as self-implicating and recognize the respective roles as members of the community.
The organizers of the program believe that this program in spirituality can help with the healing of our societies so that what is gained from the programme should be used to bring out wellness to the community through the individual.
As the college prepares to launch this program a two-day symposium on spirituality has been organised.
This important symposium will help to shape the program and help persons to determine that for which they are yearning as they seek to understand themselves and the world around them.  It is designed to be an effective way for persons to get a better view of spirituality and the spiritual life.  
We have invited international authors and experts in the area of spirituality as special guests who will address us.  
Dr. Diana Villegas The Chair of the International Relations Committee of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality Society who will speak on the nature of spirituality today and Dr. Pieter de Villiers of the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa who will address us on the mystical element in spirituality.
Mr. John Dupuy of Integral Recovery will speak on Meditation as a spiritual technology and Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold, on the topic “Mindfulness and compassion: the journey to resiliency.
The symposium will address both the theory and the experience of spirituality and is not to be missed. It will be an excellent way, for persons to come together and and participate in this area of life that has attracted the attention of many in our society today.
Full Registration – 2 days – $300.00 Bds Partial Registration 1 day – $175.00 Bds

Persons from overseas desirous of staying at the College please contact us.
For further registration information please call Ms. Michelle Scantlebury at Codrington College at Tel. No. (246) 416-8050 Email:

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