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For Current Students

Accessing Cavehill Online


See The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
Registration & Orientation Schedule 2005
Step-by-step Guide to Registration (pages 16-17)

Step by Step Instructions

01- To access the CHOL application you should go to this URL using your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape etc.) This can be done on campus or from
any other location. Once you get there you will be presented with the following options:

  • Enter Secure Area Login here to view your personal information and to register for classes
  • Campus Directory Provides contact information for campus employees
  • Class Schedule Provides access for you to view the current schedule of classes
  • Course Catalog Provides access for you to view the course catalog

In order to enter the secure area – you will need to log in using your Student ID number as your User ID.
For students with ID numbers which are 10 digits long, use the last 8 digits. Use your six digit date of birth in the format ddmmyy as your
PIN number.


02- Click on Enter Secure Area.


03- Enter your student (8 digit identification number in the User ID field.


04- Enter your personal identification number (PIN) in the PIN field. Your PIN is your birth date.
For example: Your Birth Date is 21 April, 1985, your PIN is 210485.


05- Click the “Login” button.


06- Click Student Services and Financial Aid at top of page.


07- Click Registration.


08- Click Add/Drop Classes.


09- Click on the term in which you wish to register (200510 for Semester I 2005/06).


10- Click Submit Term.


11- Now you need to make your selections. Sections are identified by their course Reference Numbers (CRN). If you know the course reference numbers for the sections you wish to select do the following or go to 12 below.

  • Enter CRN numbers in the input boxes.
  • Click “Submit Changes”.


12- If you do not know the CRN for the sections you wish to select, do the following:

  • Click “Class Search”
  • Highlight the subject for which you need to register.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Click “Find Classes”.
  • Click the check-box on the left side of the screen to indicate the course you wish.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Click “Register”.


13- Scroll down and make sure that all classes you chose show on the screen and their status is Registered Web. This is shown on the left side of the screen. If your schedule indicates any registration errors please
contact the Admissions Office.


14- Click Student Schedule by Day and Time at the bottom of the page.


15- Click Exit at the top right-hand corner of the page.


16- Click Return to Home page.


17- Close your internet browser.

Essay Conventions & Plagiarism

Academic Essays (Coursework Papers)

All students will be expected to write academic essays as part of the assessment of courses at Codrington College.

All academic work is expected to follow certain conventions in the use and presentation of citations, footnotes, bibliographies and references. Since these elements will appear in all academic essays, every student should learn to use the appropriate conventions. Coursework essays presented to the College may follow either the MLA or SBL format or the format found in the How to Write an Essay booklet that was prepared for students in Theology, and which will be provided for students during Orientation week or may be obtained from the College Secretary. Research papers and coursework for UWI MUST follow the MLA format. Please be consistent in whichever format you choose.  It is the student’s responsibility to familiarize himself or herself with these formats and to write essays accordingly.  Please also see Student’s Guidelines for the Preparation and Documentation of Essays from the FHE website –


Plagiarism of any sort and kind will not be accepted by the College.  It is the policy of the Faculty of Humanities and Education that essays/projects/research papers which show evidence of plagiarism will receive NO MARKS. 


(See the Guidelines for Submission of Coursework in the Handbook for the Faculty of Humanities and Education).


Definitions of plagiarism especially in academic essays (course work papers) and ways to avoid it can be found in the booklet entitled How to Write an Essay which will be provided for students during the orientation week and can be obtained from the Secretary.


All assignments and presentations must be submitted in hard copy as well as electronic format, preferably MS Word ‘.doc’ or ‘.rtf’ format or WordPerfect ‘.wpd’ format. Submissions will be assessed for plagiarism, which, if positively identified, will incur a penalty. Submission after the stipulated deadline will be penalized. In addition, all candidates must prepare and engage in the weekly tutorial sessions.

Student Handbook

Criteria For Marking

Marks will be awarded in the following range and according to the following criteria:

Grade A (70+)

Good knowledge of primary texts (where applicable) and wide reading of secondary literature. All sources accurately acknowledged. Clear presentation of argument.  Issues clearly understood and sound critical judgement exercised in assessment.  Originality of approach.


Grade B (60-69)

Good knowledge of primary texts (where applicable) and wide reading of secondary literature.  All sources accurately acknowledged.  Clear presentation of argument. Issues clearly understood and sound critical judgement exercised in assessment.


Grade C (50-59)

Basic knowledge of primary texts (where applicable) and adequate reading of secondary sources.  All sources acknowledged.  Attempt at presenting argument.  Fundamental issues understood and some critical comment offered.


Grade D (40-49)

Basic knowledge of primary texts (where applicable) and adequate reading of secondary sources.  All sources acknowledged.  Direction of argument not clear.  Fundamental issues understood but little or no critical assessment attempted.


FAIL (less than 40)

No evidence of acquaintance with primary sources and inadequate reading of secondary sources.  Sources not acknowledged (plagiarism).  Argument not presented or incoherent.  Fundamental issues not understood.  No pertinent critical assessment.


For persons who entered during the past two years, the new marking scheme would be as detailed in the Handbook of the Faculty of Humanities and Education. In summary, the ranges are as follows:


Grade Percentage  out of 20 out of 25
A- to A+ 70-100 14 – 20 17.5 – 25
B- to B+ 60-69 12-13.8 15-17.25
C- to C+ 50-59 10-11.8 12.5-14.75
D to D+ 40-49 8 – 9.8 10 – 12.25
F 0-39 0 – 7.8 0 – 9.75



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