Diploma in Theological Studies


The dates for the academic year will normally follow the arrangement made by the Ministry of Education for government schools.  Classes normally begin on the first Saturday of the first week of school, unless otherwise stated.

Here is a brief description of the programme:

  • There are six (6) modules in the Diploma
  • Each module is taught over a twelve-week period
  • Each class is once per week for 2 hours
  • Classes starts at 10:00 am and are held on Saturday mornings at Codrington College, St. John or Online.

The Administrators of the programme are:

  • The Rev’d Dr. Michael A. Clarke – Principal
  • The Rev’d Dr. Kirkley Sands – Dean
  • Mr. Kenneth Walters – Registrar
  • Ms Beverley Barton –Library and Information Services Manager/Supervisor
  • Mr Anthony Chewitt – Technical Support

Contact information as follows:

Telephone: + 246 416-8051 (O)

Email: info@codringtoncollege.edu.bb


  • Oversees Registrants:

    The cost per module is US$250. 

    Local Registrants

    The cost per module is BDS$450.00 plus a one-time fee of BDS$150.00 for Student Services and Amenities.

  • Please provide two passport size photos with your application.

It is our privilege and pleasure to welcome you to Codrington College, the oldest Theological college in the Western hemisphere, and the oldest tertiary institution in the region.

Time Place Course Length
10:00am Saturday Codrington College, St. John 6 weeks

Diploma in Theological Studies Programme

Year 1

Module 1

Course: An Introduction to Spirituality

Lecturer: Dr. Michael A. Clarke

Date: September – December 


Module 2

Course: An Introduction to Biblical Studies

Old Testament (6 weeks)

New Testament (6 weeks)

Lecturer: Mr Cameron Coombs & The Rev’d Trevor O’Neale

Date: January – April 


Module 3

Course: The History of Systematic Theology

Lecturer: Dr. Monrelle Williams

Date: April – July 





Year 2

Module 4

Course:  An Introduction to CPWI 1824-1969

Lecturer: The Rev’d Suzanne Ellis

Date: September – December 


Module 5

Course: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Lecturer: Canon Noel Burke

Date:  January – April 


Module 6

Course: An Introduction to Caribbean Religious Studies

Lecturer: Dr. Kirkley Sands

Date: April – July 





Applying for diploma programme consists of an application form online. Kindly complete this form. We will notify you when your application has been received and approved.

You can also apply as an occasional student (occasional students do not participate in course assessments (assignments, projects and examinations).


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