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The Principal's Message

Codrington College is speedily approaching another milestone in its long history. This milestone, as fate would have it, occurs in 2020. This number is often associated with clear or perfect vision. On this occasion the College will be 275 years. In a real sense any institution that can survive that length of time should have a clear vision for its existence. Codrington College has served this region exceptionally well. It has tended to focus on being small but thorough. 

We have not been able to break into the model of mass production which as we witness in our world gives precedence to numbers over quality and thought. Yet, this remains a challenge in our world as we prefer quick and inexpensive mass production. As we move towards this milestone, we trust that we can continue to stay focus and deliver to the world the high quality and broad thinking priests, primarily, that this world needs. As science and technology dig deeper to bring out new truths, there needs to be an even greater effort in the realm of the Divine exploration to bring out even greater truths, truths that with our new understanding we can now bear.

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Our Mission

To provide a sacred space in which persons can find their true selves and embrace the other. Learn more.


Vision 2021 Project

Vision 2021 is intended to reconnect the Alumni to the College, for they can be found in almost every corner of the world and in almost every occupation. Read now.

Tour The College

Our college is located in a place that creates a sense of inner peace. This tour is intended for prospective students. Students that are interested in Theology programmes. Tour now.

The Codrington Trust & College Board

The Codrington Trust was established in 1983 by an Act of Parliament of Barbados. The Trust serves as the Governing Body of the Codrington Estate, with the power to manage the affairs of the Estate, govern Codrington College and conduct & administer the affairs of the College.

The 7 Trustees, appointed by the Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies and the Government of Barbados, are advised on academic matters by a College Board of Governors.


The Codrington Trust

The Most Rev’d Dr. Howard Gregory

The Rt. Rev’d Michael Maxwell

Mr. Rodwell Williams CBE

Mr. Frank James

Mr. David Benjamin

Ms. Waveney Nicholls

Ms. Gabrielle Springer, PS

The College Board

The Rt. Rev’d Claude Berkley

Dr. Henderson Carter, Representative of the Pro Vice Chancellor, UWI

The Rt. Rev’d L. Errol Brooks

The Rev’d DeAngelo Bowe

The Rev’d Dr. Michael A. Clarke, Principal, Codrington College

Dr. Donley Carrington

U.W.I. Representative

Student Body Representative

Staff Representative

Ms. Gabrielle Springer, Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs

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